Investors Information

  1. Legal and commercial name The legal and commercial name of the issuer is Bermele plc
  2. Incorporation The Company was incorporated with limited liability under the laws of England and Wales on 20 September 2017 with registered number 10973102 as a public company limited by shares under the Companies Act 2006. It is domiciled in the United Kingdom and is subject to the City Code
  3. Securities Ordinary shares of 0.1p each which will be registered with ISIN number and SEDOL number.
  4. Currency The Ordinary Shares are denominated in UK Sterling and the Placing Price paid is in UK Sterling.
  5. Issue share capitalThe issued share capital of the Company on Admission consists of 200,000,000 Ordinary Shares

Substantial Shareholders (as at 1 April 2019)

Name Number of Ordinary Shares on % of Enlarged Share Capital
Capital Resources Inc. 20,000,000 10.00%
James Bligh 10,000,000 5.00%
Hambro Bruetcher Limited 10,000,000 5.00%
Pipal Investment Limited 8,333,334 4.17%
Strada FZE 8,333,333 4.17%
Prompt Properties Management Consultancy FZE 8,333,333 4.17%
Richard Griffiths 6,000,000 3.00%

ISIN Number: GB00BJ1F3295;  SEDOL number: BJ1F329 and TIDM: BERM.